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Aircraft Block Heater Remote Control and Scheduler:

The SMS Power Controller is a stand alone device which accepts and processes standard SMS text messages for the control and scheduling of a standard 120V power outlet.  The SMS Power Controller can be used to remotely control, or schedule, power to a connected 120V appliance or circuit from virtually anywhere in the world!

  • Control power to any 120V device using simple SMS text messages from your cell phone
  • 3G, Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900) Chipset
  • GSM Supported Protocols: EGSM/DCSI/PCSI/WDCMA/HSPDA
  • No monthly cell phone subscription required!
  • Does NOT require a smart phone application (iPhone/Android).
  • Use ANY cell phone that supports SMS Messaging.
  • Can be used anywhere Cell Phone coverage is available.
  • Does NOT require WiFi or Internet Service.
  • Turn ON/OFF immediately (via SMS or at the device itself)
  • Schedule ON/OFF times
  • Receive SMS confirmation when scheduled events occur
  • Request Device Status via SMS (On/Off and scheduled events)
  • Built-in 120V / 20A outlet and relay
  • OLED Display to report events, status, and configuration
  • Four cover-mounted buttons for diagnostics and reporting
  • Simple, easy to use, security prevents unauthorized access or control
  • Up to 20 Cell Numbers can be authorized for SMS control
  • This device is not tied to any service provider.  Use whatever GSM provider you want.
  • The device is fully programmed and ready to use (no programming required)
  • Software upgradable and programmable!  The Open-Source Arduino-based firmware is available on our web site for customization.  The capabilities and functionality of this device are fully customizable!  Advanced users can change the behavior of the device!



Please take a look at the User Manual for the SMS Power Controller for additional information.

In the spirit of Open Source, the firmware for the SMS Power Controller is being made freely available.  Download it, Play with it, Enhance it!  If you make changes to the software, and you think it might be of value to others, Why not email it back to us with a description of the modifications?  We would be happy to share the variants on our web site!  Please Visit our Software Page for More Info

Price: $249.00

Lemo/Redel (Bose) Mic Eliminator (LRME) Cable:

Do you fly a non-pressurized Turbo aircraft in the flight levels (18,000 feet and above)?  If you do, then you are likely familiar with the full face oxygen masks with integrated microphones that sound so poorly when communicating.  Did you know that if you are flying with a Lemo/Redel connected headset (like the Bose headsets in a Cirrus), that BOTH microphones are active when you key the PTT switch on your yoke or side stick?  Thats right, BOTH the microphone in your headset AND the microphone in the O2 mask will be picking up sound when you key your mic!  That headset mic that you likely swung up over your head is still picking up cabin noise!

This little cable solves that problem quite handily simply by being connected in-line with your headset when you plug in the mic on your O2 mask.  When you are done using your O2 mask, just remove this in-line cable to return function to your headset mic.  This cable simply eliminates the electrical connection to the mic in your headset.  You can even zip-tie it to the mic cable on your O2 mask so you can be sure to install it and remove it as necessary!

A simple solution which helps improve communications sound quality when wearing your O2 mask!

Price (Each): $10.00

Price (Pair): $18.00

12V Power Extension Kit:

The 12V Power Extension Kit is a simple solution which allows 12V accessories to easily be mounted and controlled in the rear of your Cirrus aircraft.  Use this kit to allow relocation of any/all your 12V bluetooth and wifi accessories (GPS, XM/Sirius Radio, GDL-39, etc) to the rear of the aircraft.  These accessories can then be turned on/off with the single switch inside your console.  This also keeps all the accessory wiring out of the cockpit.

Best of all, none of this is permanently mounted in your aircraft.  Velco hook fasters are used as a firm, but removable, method of mounting hardware and for cable organization.   

The kit includes a switched 12 Accessory Plug (fused) which plugs into the 12V accessory socket in your center console.  A 12 foot power cable then gets routed out of the console, down behind the co-pilot seat, along the right side of the cabin near the floor, and into the baggage compartment.  A four-port 12V power hub is then velcro mounted to the carpet on the rear firewall.  Also included is a single 12v socket which can be optionally installed in-line between the switched plug and the power cable if you wish to maintain 12v power access from inside the console.  Covers are included for the 12V sockets when not in use.  Also included are mounting tabs (with velcro hook fasters) to attach cabling to the carpeting inside the cabin (below the co-pilot seat and along the bottom of the outer wall) to help keep your wiring tidy!

Add the Rear Window Shelf and Rear Firewall Panel (below) as convenient mounting locations for your wireless accessories.

Price: $35.00

SR22 Clip and Mount Set:

The SR22 Clip and Mount Set is an extrememly handy option for improving cockpit organization.  These clips and mounts can be used to mount phones, small tablets, writing pads, etc in convenient, easy to access and remove locations.  Great for hanging your Satellite Remote right on the A-Pillar or on the inside of one of the front seats (Why tie up the real estate in your glove box or console?)  Also great for hanging cell phones for easy access.  Additionally, the adhesive-backed swivel button clips were designed to match the mounting dimensions of most other commercially available button-style clips and should be interchangeable.  The set includes:

 - One Cirrus "Glare Shield" mount specially engineered to easily slide under the forward lip of your Glare Shield padding and snap down over the rounded edge.  (Easil to install, remove, leaves no trace, yet very secure)
- Two perfectly angled, adhesive-backed, "A-Pillar" mounts for use up front
- Two flat, adhesive-backed, flat "B-Pillar" mounts for use on the rear pillars
- Two "Seat-Clip" Mounts to slide into the existing side slots of on Cirrus seats
- Two Cirrus "Tow-Bar" Clips with Rug-Grabber surface to mount the towbar on the rear firewall
- Six adhesive-backed swivel button clips for attaching to the desired items

The image to the right shows (back left to front right):  2x Tow Clips, 2x A-Pillar Mounts, 1x Glare Shield Mount, 6x button clips, 2x B-Pillar Mounts, 2x Seat Mounts.

Other photos show (top to bottom): A-Pillar Mount, Glare Shield Mount, Seat Clip Mount, and Tow Bar mount.

Please note that these items are all 3-D printed on demand and may take a couple of extra days to leave our office.

Price (Clip and Mount Kit): $39.00

Iridium Go! Glareshield Mount:

The Iridium Go! Glareshield Mount is an extension to the standard Glareshield mount included in our Clip and Mount Set.  This mount includes the button mount found in the standard Glareshield Mount as well as a custom engineered mounting tray designed to hold your Iridium Go! Satellite Com device perfectly!  Now you can keep your Iridium Go! device securely on the Glareshield with a perfect view of the sky (and satellites) and still be able to hang your cell phone right on the button clip on the front.  Easy to install and remove just like the standard Glareshield Mount.

Additionally, if you have an audio panel with a 5v USB power port (like the PMA450), you can  position the Iridium Go!  above the audio panel for continuous power access without having to run cables all over the cockpit.

Please note that this item is 3-D printed on demand and may take a couple of extra days to leave our office.

Price (Iridium Go! Glasheild Mount): $19.00

SR22 Rear Window Shelf (Generic):

The Rear Window Shelf is a slide-in solution which provides a simple mounting location for GPS or Satellite Radio antennas in the rear of your Cirrus aircraft.  Rubber edge trim on the shelf slides right under the Cirrus interior trim panels for a nice stable hold, yet serves as a fully removable and non-permanent installation.

The Rear Window Shelf sits just below the rear window and its proximity and placement makes a great location for rear-mounted GPS and Satellite antennas.  It does not interfere with baggage storage in the rear comparment and is fully transparent to allow maximum daylight into the compartment.  There is about 2 inches of clearance between the shelf and rear window when installed.

The shelf includes a rectangular cutout to allow routing of accessory and/or antenna wiring through the shelf as well a smaller hole to allow a zip tie to hold bundled accessory wire neatly in place.  The standard shelf is great for directly mounting low profile antennas or devices using adhesive backed Velcro/Duraloc/etc.  This includes the Stratus and Stratus2 ADS-B units as well as remote mount WxWorx XM and GPS antennas.

The shelf is also available with mounting holes designed to accommodate a Garmin GDL-52.  (see below).

Use our Power Extension Kit to get power into the rear of your aircraft and then mount your antennas on this shelf!

These shelves are laser cut directly in our shop.  We can easily accommodate custom holes or cuts in the shelf if so desired.  Please contact us for pricing and details of any custom laser cutting you may require.

Price (Basic Shelf): $39.00

SR22 Rear Window Shelf for Garmin GDL-52:

This is the Rear Window Shelf option which includes a sub-shelf custom cut to accept mounting of the Garmin GDL-52 with the standard antenna deployed vertically.  Normally, there is not enough clearance to mount the GDL-39 directly on top of our shelf and be able to flip up the antenna in the full vertical position.  The addition of a lower shelf allows the antenna to pass through the main shelf and provides the necessary vertical clearance.  Note that the shelf included in this kit can be used both with, or without, the sub-shelf.  (GDL-52 shown in the photos is NOT included).

The photos show the Rear Window Shelf with Garmin GDL-52 installed (not included).  This includes necessary cutouts in the main shelf as well as a custom fit sub-shelf and standoffs to hold the GDL-52 mounting base included with the Garmin product.  The sub-shelf and standoffs are specifically designed to allow sufficient overhead clearance to fit the GDL-52 with the attached ADS-B antenna while keeping the unit as close to the window as possible for best reception.

Use our Power Extension Kit to get power into the rear of your aircraft and then mount your antennas on this shelf!

These shelves are laser cut directly in our shop.  We can easily accommodate custom holes or cuts in the shelf if so desired.  Please contact us for pricing and details of any custom laser cutting you may require.

Price (GDL-52 Shelf): $49.00

SR22 Rear Firewall Mounting Panel:

The Rear Firewall Panel is a great location to mount 12v accessories in the rear of your Cirrus aircraft which do NOT require direct unobstructed antenna reception from outside the aircraft.  This is a simple acrylic panel which uses Velco hook fasters as a firm, removable, and non-permanent method of mounting directly to the carpeting on the rear firewall of your Cirrus aircraft.

The upper photo shows the Rear Firewall Mounting Panel itself along with the optional XM WxWorx and Baron Mylink Mounting holes.  The basic shelf is completely solid and does not normally include the extra mounting holes.

In the lower photos you can see the XM WxWorx and Baron MyLink (WiFi) boxes mounted on the panel on the rear firewall of my aircraft.  You can also see the 12V power hub from my Power Extension Kit which lets me supply and control power of the equipment directly from my aircraft center console.  Note that the XM GPS and XM WxWorx antennas for this installation are remotely mounted up above on my Rear Window Shelf (along with a Garmin GDL-39).

These shelves are laser cut directly in our shop.  We can easily accommodate custom holes or cuts in the shelf if so desired.  Please contact us for pricing and details of any custom laser cutting you may require.

Price (Basic): $29.00

Price (w/WxWorx and Mylink Mounting Holes): $29.00

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