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Whether you are a Maker, a Pilot, or Home Owner...

Haute Solutions has exciting products for your Home, Hobbie, and Aircraft!

MicroController PCB's and Accessories:

These GSM enabled Microcontroller boards are perfect for makers and experimentors to priovide remote communication to/from their devices.  In addition to full GSM functionality (Voice, Data, SMS), some of these boards are also WiFi or Ethernet enabled as well!

SMS Command/Control Products and Accessories:

These SMS enabled products are can be used to give your office, home, network, and even your PC itself the ability to exchange information via GSM/SMS Services.  Some of these devices also include WiFi or Ethernet connectivity as well.  Open Source Firmware and Libraries are included/available to implement these cabailities

SMS Alarm Products and Accessories:

These SMS enabled Alarms provide both local and remote alerts in the event of motion, vibration, movement, or door switch activation.  These alarm systems are remotely configurable via SMS commands and can be remotely armed/disarmed.  Our SuperCell alarm is "always on" to give you instant GPS location information.  Our SleeperCell draws absolutely no power until tripped!

Aviation Products:

These products are designed and built by pilots, for pilots.  We built these for ourself and have been asked on many occasions if we could supply them to the Genaral Aviation community as well.  These items are designed to help manage your aircraft, keep your cockpit organized, and help make flying easier and safer.  

Contact Information (Dealer Inquiries Welcome):

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